Episode 3: Michael Gastelum, Owner of St. Helena Fitness

In this episode I interview Michael Gastelum, who is a St. Helena native, former Division One Baseball Player, N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, and the owner of St. Helena Fitness.

Michael is a great friend of mine because we are both passionate about fitness, bettering ourselves, and helping others because of what this lifestyle has done for our own lives. I work at Michael’s gym as a yoga teacher and indoor cycling instructor, and since I have been a part of this community he’s created I’ve been so inspired. The  people in this gym are working hard consistently to improve their health and everyone has that common goal. I’m honored to be a part and feel compelled to share this special spot with all the St. Helena people!

I lived here for years before learning St. Helena Fitness existed, and in the past 2 years, Michael has consistently been improving the place, I love being a member here. If you listen to the podcast, Michael offers a sweet deal to podcast listeners! Hope to see you in my yoga or cycling class, and that you enjoy the interview with Michael, he is my people!