Episode 6: Reiki Healing with Natalie Rodarte

photo by Jayne of the beautiful Natalia

In this episode, Reiki II Master Natalie Rodarte explains what energy healing is in the first place, how she can help people, and who might desire an energy healing. We also discuss her experience with finding a connection to her higher self through meditation and insight into what a spiritual path entails. Natalie is available and open to new clients in the Napa area. You can reach Natalie at Nads711@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram @hippyasstreehugger

One thought on “Episode 6: Reiki Healing with Natalie Rodarte”

  1. your voices are very similar, so it’s hard to distinguish who is speaking. but the messages are beautiful! thank you for having the courage to step into your truth and serving all with your authenticity and amazing gifts!

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