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Episode 14: Jackie Reynolds of Artillery Outlaws Strength and Conditioning

Jackie Reynolds of Artillery Outlaws Strength and Conditioning is a huge personal inspiration of mine. Jackie helped me regain strength and self confidence after my pregnancy, and I will be forever grateful for her guidance and empowerment. Her boot camp classes changed my body and my mindset out of weakness and self-pity and gave me a loving nudge after having fallen so far behind physically.

Jackie is of the former Core Values Health and Fitness, and is now merged with Artillery Outlaws Strength and Conditioning at Napa Valley Total Health and Fitness. In this episode she gives insight into how she stays in peak shape year round, how she channels her higher self, and tips about self-care that help her stay positive and energetic, so she can continue to inspire others.

For more information on Jackie and Artillery Outlaws, you can follow their Facebook page “Napa Valley Total Fitness” or visit their website

Episode 13: Deep Spiritual Diving with Suzanne Nicholas and Donny Frate

In this episode I have the honor of speaking with Suzanne Nicholas, who is a doTerra Wellness Advocate and longtime experienced meditator, and Donny Frate, who is a world class massage therapist/bodyworker, Reiki Healer, specializing in Shamanic studies.

Suzanne and Donny enjoy a palpable love and idealistic lifestyle of homesteading, fermenting kimchi and kombucha, spiritual practices and physical wellness. I felt compelled to interview this special couple to help share with others how they came to live this beautiful empowered life!

If you’d like to reach Suzanne Nicholas regarding doTerra essential oils, she is deeply knowledgable about plant medicines and spiritual practices. You can follow her on Instagram @suzannemnicholas

If you’re in the Napa Valley area and would like to schedule an appointment with Donny Frate, his email is He does spiritual journeys, bodywork, and energy work in his own unique, powerful way, I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Episode 12: Deadly Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About Eggs

Made of old skateboards by artist Haroshi

I pretty much HAD to make this episode, from a deep inner compulsion. After spending the past eight years studying vegan nutrition, it became insane to me that pretty much everyone has been programmed through lifelong propaganda from the egg industry, including myself!  I spent the past four days and countless hours just now compiling information gathered over these eight years and finally created this podcast episode, and I’m seriously giddy with satisfaction. I even managed to make it a little bit funny and entertaining even though we get deep into nutrition and statistics.

For me, honestly this episode might be one of my greatest life achievements, and I’m not kidding. Learning about vegan nutrition has been a journey in which I have discovered a deep well of passion and interest, and to be able to create this report and broadcast it to the world is soul satisfying in a way I cannot explain. The fact that I have the opportunity to potentially help even one person learn the truth and live a longer and healthier life, is a privilege that is not lost upon me.

Having loved eggs previously, I totally get Not wanting to accept the fact that they are unhealthy. I would read things about eggs being unhealthy and I was like “WHATEVER, we are all gonna die, why are vegans so uptight about everything, vegans are so annoying, nothing will make me stop eating eggs, I don’t even eat meat so whatever I’m super healthy.” This is literally my previous standpoint. Now I’ve eaten numerous humble pies and I decided to accept the truth and make a change, and the results have been extraordinary in my life. I’ve learned that by eating more plant foods, I feel light, energetic, happy and healthy in a way I hadn’t experienced before making this change. This is why I share this, to hopefully inspire others to feel better and live longer!

I understand that it is inappropriate most of the time socially for me to go into a lengthy dissertation in casual conversation about the multitude of ways eggs are not just unhealthy, but downright poisonous for the human body.  This podcast is my way of sharing this information to those people who have a desire to learn the truth. It feels personally important to me to help raise awareness about the foods that are threatening the lives of the people I care about. If you eat eggs, I urge you to take 30 minutes of your life and listen. I am confident that within this episode you will learn something you did not know. If you DID already know everything in this episode, let me know! I could use more vegans in my life…


I don’t go into the animal rights issues behind eggs at all, because this podcast’s purpose is fitness and wellness. However, there are majorly unethical egg industry practices that I do mention exist, and for further information on that subject I have listed all of the links of resources below.

This is probably my most important episode yet, and I did all of this work because there are a lot of humans I love and I want to keep you guys here for as long as possible, feeling vibrant and loving life! Hope you enjoy! Thank you for listening!

Below I’ve listed the best YouTube videos from each source of info I refer to in the episode. Most of them are short with powerful info!

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

Diet for a New America by John Robbins

IGF-1 Information

Dr. Michael Greger

Dr. Neal Barnard

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Dr. Dean Ornish: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

What’s Wrong with Eggs? The Truth about The Egg Industry by Erin Janus

Rip Esselstyn



Episode 11: Self Transformation Through Journaling, Books and Youtube with Keri Martin

Despite this ridiculous picture, this painstakingly edited recording might be the most important conversation I ever publish. It took me over 20 hours to edit this, and halfway through I accidentally deleted my work. The strangest sensation was when I realized I wasn’t even upset, because I had learned so much about editing in that eight hours of botched work! It felt good to start over, because this conversation deserves the extra attention, being such valuable content, full of transformative, life-perspective shifting, mind- blowing science and psychology.

In this episode, I interview my mysterious sister Keri Martin about how she came to experience self-realization through journaling, introspection, books and YouTube. These characteristically obscured photos are unfortunately the only images I was able to obtain of this exotic, gorgeous, highly intelligent creature.

I have personally witnessed Keri make a drastic change in attitude and life perspective over the past few years, and it is so profound I had to have her share her insight and the deeply therapeutic healing she has experienced through writing.

We also both share an insatiable desire for knowledge of Universal truths, quantum science, and spiritual advancement, so this episode does dive into the esoteric more than others have. If you have an open mind and are as curious about the truth as we are, she shares several compelling resources of books and Youtube videos for you to research all of these subjects! Links are listed at the bottom of this page.

Keri eloquently explains the life-changing power of releasing the past through journaling and self- forgiveness. We talk about the stacks of books that have changed her life perspective and why she doesn’t participate in any social media or watch Television. (The Snapchat filter was on her husband’s phone!)

Keri is not reachable due to her commendably private and intentionally unplugged lifestyle, but if you have any comments or inquiries you’d like me to pass on to her, feel free to reach out to  me on my contact link here!

My podcast is still new, and I’m discovering through these conversations that my subject matter tends to dig a little deeper than just health and wellness. It’s about holistic wellness and spiritual journeys in many ways, and my podcast is in the process of rebranding, which will be revealed very soon!!

My intention with this podcast is to be as authentic as I am in real life, and part of that is being honest with myself and my audience about the subject matter that ends up coming to the forefront. I am discovering my podcast’s purpose as I create it, and rather than trying to force it to go one direction, I’m following where it is going… This will all make sense to you guys very soon, I can’t wait to explain more when things are finalized! Thank you for listening and supporting the podcast! The goal is always to help you enjoy life right now!

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The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock

The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Teal Swan on YouTube

Spirit Science on YouTube

The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield

Convoluted Universe series by Dolores Cannon

Marianne Williamson on YouTube

We the Arcturians by Betty Rice with Cynthia Ploski

The History of God by Guy Needler

A Course in Miracles by The Foundation for Inner Peace






Episode 10: Hot Yoga Calistoga with Anne Seaver

Meet Anne Seaver of Hot Yoga Calistoga! This place and hot yoga are my newest obsession. I basically have discovered that she and I are two peas in a pod. She shares my love of yoga, books, Calistoga, meditation, hard workouts and hot temperatures. We talk about what yoga really is to us, why we are obsessed with it, why hot yoga specifically feels like such a high after class, and why Calistoga is deeply in both of our hearts. Anne is so easy to love, we became fast friends after this interview! Considering her loyal following and consistently full classes, it is apparent that others feel the same.

Hot Yoga Calistoga is an intimate and beautiful shala with lots of clean cool grey tones, classy, calming, and down – to –  earth vibes. I had to begin a whole new paragraph to properly express how much it’s worth it to drive up scenic Silverado Trail and check it out. They have clean and spacious tile showers with amenities provided, which I think is such a huge bonus! The heating system she has installed is infrared, which is great for your skin. There is a small retail space with stylishly curated items and beautiful high quality yoga mats/mat towels. She is also a doTerra Wellness Advocate, so you can connect with Anne for your oil needs there at the studio. I adore this place and I hope to see you up there soon! I’ll probably see you in class, sweating unglamorously.

For more information about Hot Yoga Calistoga, visit their page on Facebook or you can see a schedule by clicking here.

Thanks for listening! See you at Hot Yoga!

I’m on a Reading Kick! Book Reviews Spring 2017

Most uncomfortable chair ever. photo by @joeburke108

Reading has always been one of my biggest obsessions. Each book is a fascinating world, waiting patiently for when I have the time to dive back into it’s intimate portal. Since my goal with spirituality is to stay connected to my more subtle feelings and intuition, Television is abrasive and directly counters my efforts of emptying my mind of excess. Now that I have become more personally aware of the power of the mind, I don’t want unfiltered commercial messages even whispering to my subconscious mind.

While watching TV, the brain isn’t required to do anything at all, it’s being spoon fed. The body is becoming soft, the muscles atrophy, the blood pools and the body systems go stagnant.  When you’re reading, you can be anywhere, even outside, and you can take breaks whenever you need to move your body easily.

photo: @joeburke108

I read so many books that I forget what they’re about, so I started writing a  little synopsis once I complete reading them to remind myself of the plot or main points. I love so many books that I would love if my friends read them so I could feel understood and could refer to certain information and have someone understand!

Everything on TV is carefully crafted to hold our interest and keep us distracted, entertained, placated. The ultimate intention of media messages and commercials are creating desire, inciting fear and driving consumerism, by a handful of incredibly powerful and adept marketing corporations. Any information you’re receiving on TV should be subject to extreme scrutiny due to the fact that the government is very aware of the power of our subconscious mind.

Studies show that many Americans don’t read.  India reads the most in the world at an average of 10.7 hours spent reading per week. One in four Americans didn’t read a book in 2015.

This book isn’t on the review list, but isn’t this antique cover lovely? I gave it away as a gift, was probably worth millions, oh well

When we are forming opinions based upon information received from corporations who have vested interest in our consumerism and compliance to systems and social structures, we are shaping our viewpoints from skewed foundations. Not reading further into things and swallowing reports from major media sources leaves us susceptible of falling victim to indoctrination, unwittingly. Here are some amazing books I’ve recently read and why I think they are worth your time!

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

This book is Not just a comedy, it is a well-researched and thorough study of the modern state of dating compared to recent generations, and the new challenges presented by the prevalence of technology. It is narrated by Aziz though, so he manages to still make these psychological concepts entertaining with his witty interpretations of the studies and explanations. I cannot recommend this book more highly, especially coming from someone unfortunately still swimming in the dating pools. The explanations about the unspoken rules of texting, the ego games where you wait to respond, and the other person judges you on how quickly you respond, it’s all a mind-fuck that has heretofore been uncharted territory, because this technology of having phones and texting to sift through potential partners is new. Never before have we been given SO many choices presented to us in such an accessible and clandestine way. We write people off without even having met them by judging a photograph or a text response, knowing there are dozens more where that person came from, just a swipe away. We have lost the human connection of meeting someone and sensing how someone makes us feel, or perhaps noticing charming mannerisms or personality traits that cannot be expressed through droll listings of likes and dislikes. I loved this book! A quick easy and hilarious read, and now I feel more ready to play this stupid fu—rather, ahem, this lovely dance of courtship with some worthy gent who asks with confidence and has a plan.

The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock

This book is a complete thrill ride dive into ancient secrets and fascinating science explaining in unprecedented detail, the nature of reality. This book is like a machine gun with the revelations, giving such exciting information rapid-fire. I honestly had to put the book down at times and look around like, *deep breath* WHOA. Seriously. Wow. It shares suppressed information about inventions that have been presented numerous times that would allow for free energy for everyone. The secret power of pyramids and the quantum science behind exactly why and how they work, studies done on plants that prove their ability to entrain with our thoughts and emotions. If you’re an open-minded, curious truth seeker, this book will have you looking at the whole world differently.

Addicted to War by Joel Andreas

I cannot remember where I first discovered this illustrated graphic novel exposing the United States Government, but it changed my life in the best way. I have peace of mind and understanding thanks to this book. I used to listen to NPR thinking that was an unbiased news source, only to come to understand that absolutely every news source is biased in some way. It’s about looking at the reports from all sources and critically discerning the underlying intentions of each report, which I’ve come to know is to create particular emotional reactions. This book is easy to understand and yet in depth, and the author obviously spent a tremendous amount of time researching. The pictures are hand-drawn but there are some actual photographs of war footage, so this book isn’t what I would call “fun.” I would describe it as important, imperative even, especially for Americans. Once you gain this insight and understanding thanks to this comprehensive distillation of years of research, it will help you gain a clear understanding of the true objectives of our government. You won’t be confused anymore as to why our health care is ludicrously expensive, why our schools can’t afford to pay teachers decent salary and yet we are able to endlessly spend trillions overseas in questionable military operations, terrorizing civilians in the name of freedom.

What are you reading lately that is non-fiction or educational in some way? I tend to read less fiction nowadays, digging into the truth of reality and our conscious existence has overcome all desire to wrap my mind around imaginary interpersonal dramas. Perhaps I’ll make my way back into fiction with a great recommendation! Thanks for reading, hope you find something exciting to read soon.

Tip for Napa County California residents: The Napa Library often has many of the books I see in the new section at Copperfields! If you haven’t been to the Napa Library in awhile, it’s worth a visit to walk out with a stack of new books, music and DVDs for free!





Episode 9: Mental Wellness and Healthy Eating with Karina Fernandez of Live Well, Live Golden, and Well & Golden Eats

In this episode, I interview Karina Fernandez of Live Well, Live Golden and Well & Golden Eats, a wellness blog and Instagram account focused on inspiring people with simple, nutritious recipes and tips on emotional wellness. Karina and I have been friends since high school and have both braved the challenges of experiencing the world as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Due to the fact that it is a trait that isn’t widely known about or accepted, being highly sensitive presents unique challenges that we discuss in this episode, as well as how we have coped with this condition/ability/gift/curse. We discuss the pros and cons of being highly sensitive, how to know if you are, and how to deal with an overstimulating world and people who don’t quite understand the severity of being highly sensitive, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. Karina gives great advice on self-care and the importance of accepting oneself without judgment, as well as actionable tips to overcome anxiety. You can follow Karina on Instagram for beautiful photos of healthy meals and tips on self care to improve and maintain your overall wellness:  @wellandgoldeneats and @karina_jacqueline

Episode 8: Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Treehouse Visualization for Beginners/Anxiety


Trying not to fall off and die. Photo has nothing to do with meditation but I was bored of all my meditation photos. Photo by @Joeburke108 on Instagram

This episode is a guided meditation intended for complete beginners who need more guidance and have a racing mind. My hope is with this meditation to impart the tips you can use in the future to meditate on your own, without anyone’s voice as your guide. There is no shame in using guided meditations on Youtube, they are an Excellent resource to help you relax and feel genuine relief from anxiety and mental overwhelm.

I understand that this treehouse visualization exercise may be a bit “silly” or childish. It probably is, I am a grown child. With an open mind, visualization is a powerful practice of cultivating your imaginative capabilities. The more clearly we can visualize what we want in our minds, the more effectively we can attract what we want to see in our lives. We are creating our reality with our perception, so if we feel appreciation for our lives, and use our visualizations as a tool for creation, you can start to see some pretty unbelievable occurrences in your life. Don’t take my word for it, these things must be experienced personally. This meditation is mainly a great way to create a peaceful inner sanctuary that you can use to help transition out of a negative mindset and into a healthier, happier mindset.

Photo by @Joeburke108 on IG

I hope you find value and pleasure in listening to this meditation, my intention is to help others begin to feel the benefits and hopefully experience genuine relief and active eradication of uncomfortable feelings through honing meditation practices and mindful, conscious breathing. Remember that meditation is like exercise, in that results are only seen and maintained with consistent, earnest, diligent, committed daily practice. I know I am prone to hyperbole, but I mean it literally when I say the rewards are infinite. Have fun meditating!

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” –Bob Marley

Episode 7: Benefits of Meditation: How to do it and Why you want to

Photo by Joe Burke @Joeburke108 on Instagram

In this episode I’m not interviewing anyone, it’s just me talking about my favorite subject: meditation. People often ask me how to meditate or say they want to start meditating but they don’t have time, or they aren’t good at it. One, we all have time for things that are important to us, and Two, No one is good at something as a beginner. It has a learning curve but once you get past that and get a regular practice established, it is immensely rewarding for reasons I go into at length in the podcast.

I’ve done my best to make this as succinct as possible, but there is so much to say about this. Nothing like listening to your own voice for 7 hours to scrutinize my own unconscious repetitive speech patterns and my ability to create some unnecessarily verbose word salad. Aaaaand I just did it again right there.

Honestly though, I feel like making this episode is so satisfying, this is basically the stuff I was teaching to the recovery group that I need to get back to working with. After every class they would line up and thank me for coming in and tell me about their experiences, it was incredible to feel helpful in a deep and meaningful way.

All of the things that I say in this episode are my personal truth and opinion, and I realize many people may judge me as an odd duck for certain viewpoints. We all know we are different and unique human beans, and this is my humble opinion after spending over 4 years now studying esoteric ancient knowledge. I have been an avid reader my whole life, I currently read about six non-fiction books a month. I also watch lectures on Youtube, read articles, and talk to people about this stuff often. I always validate information from many sources before deciding something is true, and I look at what biases each source may have, who sponsors what articles or websites, what companies the author of my books own. Some of my sources for this podcast episode are:

Remote Viewing by Tim Rifat

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock

The Everything Answer Book by Theoretical Nuclear Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami

Thanks for listening! I’ll post the guided meditation episode next week!

Episode 6: Reiki Healing with Natalie Rodarte

photo by Jayne of the beautiful Natalia

In this episode, Reiki II Master Natalie Rodarte explains what energy healing is in the first place, how she can help people, and who might desire an energy healing. We also discuss her experience with finding a connection to her higher self through meditation and insight into what a spiritual path entails. Natalie is available and open to new clients in the Napa area. You can reach Natalie at or follow her on Instagram @hippyasstreehugger