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Episode 11: Self Transformation Through Journaling, Books and Youtube with Keri Martin

Despite this ridiculous picture, this painstakingly edited recording might be the most important conversation I ever publish. It took me over 20 hours to edit this, and halfway through I accidentally deleted my work. The strangest sensation was when I realized I wasn’t even upset, because I had learned so much about editing in that eight hours of botched work! It felt good to start over, because this conversation deserves the extra attention, being such valuable content, full of transformative, life-perspective shifting, mind- blowing science and psychology.

In this episode, I interview my mysterious sister Keri Martin about how she came to experience self-realization through journaling, introspection, books and YouTube. These characteristically obscured photos are unfortunately the only images I was able to obtain of this exotic, gorgeous, highly intelligent creature.

I have personally witnessed Keri make a drastic change in attitude and life perspective over the past few years, and it is so profound I had to have her share her insight and the deeply therapeutic healing she has experienced through writing.

We also both share an insatiable desire for knowledge of Universal truths, quantum science, and spiritual advancement, so this episode does dive into the esoteric more than others have. If you have an open mind and are as curious about the truth as we are, she shares several compelling resources of books and Youtube videos for you to research all of these subjects! Links are listed at the bottom of this page.

Keri eloquently explains the life-changing power of releasing the past through journaling and self- forgiveness. We talk about the stacks of books that have changed her life perspective and why she doesn’t participate in any social media or watch Television. (The Snapchat filter was on her husband’s phone!)

Keri is not reachable due to her commendably private and intentionally unplugged lifestyle, but if you have any comments or inquiries you’d like me to pass on to her, feel free to reach out to  me on my contact link here!

My podcast is still new, and I’m discovering through these conversations that my subject matter tends to dig a little deeper than just health and wellness. It’s about holistic wellness and spiritual journeys in many ways, and my podcast is in the process of rebranding, which will be revealed very soon!!

My intention with this podcast is to be as authentic as I am in real life, and part of that is being honest with myself and my audience about the subject matter that ends up coming to the forefront. I am discovering my podcast’s purpose as I create it, and rather than trying to force it to go one direction, I’m following where it is going… This will all make sense to you guys very soon, I can’t wait to explain more when things are finalized! Thank you for listening and supporting the podcast! The goal is always to help you enjoy life right now!

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The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock

The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Teal Swan on YouTube

Spirit Science on YouTube

The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield

Convoluted Universe series by Dolores Cannon

Marianne Williamson on YouTube

We the Arcturians by Betty Rice with Cynthia Ploski

The History of God by Guy Needler

A Course in Miracles by The Foundation for Inner Peace






Episode 6: Reiki Healing with Natalie Rodarte

photo by Jayne of the beautiful Natalia

In this episode, Reiki II Master Natalie Rodarte explains what energy healing is in the first place, how she can help people, and who might desire an energy healing. We also discuss her experience with finding a connection to her higher self through meditation and insight into what a spiritual path entails. Natalie is available and open to new clients in the Napa area. You can reach Natalie at Nads711@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram @hippyasstreehugger

Lucid Dreaming


Photo by Jayne Forest

I’m a little obsessed with dreaming, specifically lucid dreaming. In bringing up the subject of dreams casually to friends and acquaintances, I’m always shocked when I hear people say they don’t remember their dreams, or that they have strange recurring dreams but they don’t really care, or that they don’t see them as important. Dreams have always been such a vivid, huge part of my life because I used to fly regularly in my dreams. I used to actually cry as a child because I was mad I couldn’t fly anymore. I’ve spent my entire life trying to regain my ability to fly.


One day I had a bad dream and my Dad told me “Honey, you can control your dreams. You just have to decide to change them.” No one had ever told me that! It fascinated me to know that I could choose not to have bad dreams. The following night I had a scary dream where someone was chasing me with a gun. They stuck a rifle in my face, and I realized that I was dreaming, and remembered what my dad had said. I put a tampon into the front of it, and it was unable to shoot, fully disabled! I walked away and realized he was still chasing me but had ditched the gun, so I ran off of a cliff into water. I was so scared and in the instant I was falling I said quickly “Please be warm water with tile at the bottom like a nice pool!” and IT WAS.

artwork by Jayne Forest for Trader Joe’s  @jaynesartaddiction on IG

TIP #1:


I know, that sounds like something that a ten-year-old girl would have, but seriously people, if you want to have lucid dreams you have to reiterate to your subconscious that your dreams are important to you. Writing them down is a great way to do this.

It is also is a valuable record of your recurring “dream signs”, which are things/places/people that often come up in your dreams. When you see your dream signs in waking life and do a reality check, you will do the same in your dream state and it will hopefully help trigger your awareness, and induce lucidity.

Keep your journal and a pen right beside your bed, so that you can write down any details you can remember immediately upon waking. You basically start forgetting all of your dreams within seconds of waking, so the best thing to do is just wake up and jot it down with bleary eyes.

You may find yourself remembering only a few tiny details at first, but in time you will find yourself filling pages with details. The most amazing thing to me is that I will write down details, fall back asleep, and when I wake, I barely remember having written what I wrote! Experimenting with my states of consciousness like this is fascinating to me.



You can’t be tired, or drunk, or stoned. I knoooooow probably not what you wanted to hear. We are depending on the sharpness of the mind to become lucid, so clarity, sobriety and a rested mind and body are of utmost importance. It’s really good motivation to be all healthy and stuff though! The window of time you are most likely to lucid dream is two hours before you would normally wake up. You have to get about 4-5 hours of sleep before you begin to hit prime lucid dreaming time. So you’re looking at 6-8 hours of sleep for a few nights in a row to be rested enough.

RIP Amica



The main key thing to realize is that while you are in the dream state, everything feels totally normal. This is why we don’t always become lucid in our dreams.

By making a point to become consciously aware of your surroundings and to ask yourself “Am I dreaming?” you will start to do this in your dream state as well. What we do in ‘real life’ is what we do in our dreams, so if you do enough reality checks, you will eventually do them in your dreams and become lucidly aware!

There are a few ways to do reality checks, my favorite is to look at your hands and ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?” If you are dreaming, your hands will look very strange, melty, wavy, you might have three or seven fingers.

You can also jump wherever you’re standing, and if you’re dreaming, you will float. You can also plug your nose with your hands and try to breathe in. In dreams, you will still be able to breathe. Perform these reality checks as often as you can think of it. The more, the better odds you will do it in your dream that night!

North Shore Lake Tahoe

TIP #4


Your own mind is the gatekeeper of your ability to lucid dream. If you learn to control your mind with affirmations, you are much more likely to lucid dream.

Throughout the day, or right before bed, tell yourself aloud, with conviction and focus, “Tonight in my dreams I will realize that I’m dreaming.” “Tonight in my dream I will look at my hands and realize that I’m dreaming” Over and over and over. The more you believe yourself, the better it works, the more you repeat it, the more you believe it. This has totally worked for me numerous times if I start diligently repeating this a few hours before bed!

TIP #5


One trick for people who don’t suffer from insomnia, is the “wake back to bed” method. Set your alarm for 5 hours after you’ve fallen asleep, or for 2 hours before you are supposed to wake up. When your alarm goes off, find some mellow way to kill time for 20 minutes. This way you will wake your mind up, but you’re keeping yourself in a mildly dreamy state of consciousness. After 20 minutes of yoga/reading/peeing/meditating, lie back down and tell yourself your affirmations before drifting back to sleep. This technique worked beautifully for me! I don’t recommend this method for insomniacs, because you may not be able to fall back asleep, and that shit is terrible.

Viparita Karani is great for insomnia and lower back pain. Put your legs against a wall for relaxation and restoration.

I wish you the best of luck lucid dreaming! I have more tips, but this is just a brief beginner tips kinda thing. Write to me with any questions, or if you have any tips to share with me by clicking here!