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Episode 13: Deep Spiritual Diving with Suzanne Nicholas and Donny Frate

In this episode I have the honor of speaking with Suzanne Nicholas, who is a doTerra Wellness Advocate and longtime experienced meditator, and Donny Frate, who is a world class massage therapist/bodyworker, Reiki Healer, specializing in Shamanic studies.

Suzanne and Donny enjoy a palpable love and idealistic lifestyle of homesteading, fermenting kimchi and kombucha, spiritual practices and physical wellness. I felt compelled to interview this special couple to help share with others how they came to live this beautiful empowered life!

If you’d like to reach Suzanne Nicholas regarding doTerra essential oils, she is deeply knowledgable about plant medicines and spiritual practices. You can follow her on Instagram @suzannemnicholas

If you’re in the Napa Valley area and would like to schedule an appointment with Donny Frate, his email is Donnyfrate@gmail.com. He does spiritual journeys, bodywork, and energy work in his own unique, powerful way, I cannot recommend him highly enough.