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Lucid Dreaming Part 2



When I was a kid, I had vivid dreams nightly. I would very often fly in my dreams and remember exactly how it felt to fly. It felt like swimming, it took effort and practice, but was so thrilling. I had many insights into past lives in my dreams, and as I grew older my dreams remained very important to me.

Recently I went to the library sale and picked up a book called “Out of Body Experiences, 30 days to the most exciting experience of your life” by Rick Stack. The esoteric subject, fifty cent price tag and classic 80’s style cover had me intrigued. I read the book cover to cover several times and discovered a profound connection between the lucid dream state and the Out-of-body experience.
One of the most fascinating things to me about dreaming is how real everything feels. This new information helped me to understand the reality of how the brain processes our senses in different states of consciousness. It made so much sense to me as to why my dreams had felt so real; we are definitely sensually experiencing them!

photo by Jayne Forest


One of the last tips I gave in my video on becoming lucid is the use of crystals. I realize that the subject of crystals has strong associations with gypsies and psychics and other loony characters, but crystals have a scientifically proven electro-magnetic field which gives off steady frequencies that can help meld with our energies, and balance our life force energy if we are open to them.

The subject of crystals is much too scientifically extensive for me to attempt to explain in a concise manner, so I highly recommend watching on Youtube: Spirit Science: The Crystal Movie. It has an incredible amount of information crammed articulately into this very entertaining animated video about the molecular properties of crystals, how they work and how they can help you.

photo by Jayne Forest

Before bed, I put my Fluorite crystal on my third eye because Fluorite is said to help facilitate clear thinking, which I figured would help whilst attempting to become lucid, and put an amethyst on my heart to aid with manifestation. I was attempting to manifest a lucid dreaming experience for myself.

If you’re open-minded and interested, crystals can be very helpful tools for getting into a relaxed, healing state with meditation and in assisting with lucid dreaming and other spiritual practices.

I was blown away when I tried using crystals and they worked for me the first time. If you let go of any ideas you have about them and just feel the way they feel in your hands, you may start to understand why people revere crystals as ancient powerful spiritual tools.

photo by Jayne Forest


Once you have employed all of the techniques and become consciously aware within your dream, you may notice that the first thing that happens is you start to feel like you’re going to wake up. Try to stay calm, breathe deeply and rub your hands together. When you do this, you are using your senses to stay grounded within the dream world so that you may have the opportunity to explore. You can also spin around in a circle to bring your awareness back to your dream rather than back to waking consciousness.

photo by Jayne Forest


I hope so much that someone out there in the world is enjoying my blog/videos/art, that it makes you happy and that it inspires you to live a creative, dreamy, magical life. This world is fucked up if you choose to look at all the darkness. The only way to make our dreams come true and make the world a better place is by focusing on the light, following our passions, trying things and failing, living life without fear. This is why I’m making this blog, to have fun creating and hopefully inspire you to try something new and believe in magic again. This whole world is an illusion that reflects back to us what we are projecting. Focus on the beautiful and stay on the other side of fear and this world will show you so much more than you can see with your eyes. Best of luck lucid dreaming, you guys, Thanks for reading!