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I’m on a Reading Kick! Book Reviews Spring 2017

Most uncomfortable chair ever. photo by @joeburke108

Reading has always been one of my biggest obsessions. Each book is a fascinating world, waiting patiently for when I have the time to dive back into it’s intimate portal. Since my goal with spirituality is to stay connected to my more subtle feelings and intuition, Television is abrasive and directly counters my efforts of emptying my mind of excess. Now that I have become more personally aware of the power of the mind, I don’t want unfiltered commercial messages even whispering to my subconscious mind.

While watching TV, the brain isn’t required to do anything at all, it’s being spoon fed. The body is becoming soft, the muscles atrophy, the blood pools and the body systems go stagnant.  When you’re reading, you can be anywhere, even outside, and you can take breaks whenever you need to move your body easily.

photo: @joeburke108

I read so many books that I forget what they’re about, so I started writing a  little synopsis once I complete reading them to remind myself of the plot or main points. I love so many books that I would love if my friends read them so I could feel understood and could refer to certain information and have someone understand!

Everything on TV is carefully crafted to hold our interest and keep us distracted, entertained, placated. The ultimate intention of media messages and commercials are creating desire, inciting fear and driving consumerism, by a handful of incredibly powerful and adept marketing corporations. Any information you’re receiving on TV should be subject to extreme scrutiny due to the fact that the government is very aware of the power of our subconscious mind.

Studies show that many Americans don’t read.  India reads the most in the world at an average of 10.7 hours spent reading per week. One in four Americans didn’t read a book in 2015.

This book isn’t on the review list, but isn’t this antique cover lovely? I gave it away as a gift, was probably worth millions, oh well

When we are forming opinions based upon information received from corporations who have vested interest in our consumerism and compliance to systems and social structures, we are shaping our viewpoints from skewed foundations. Not reading further into things and swallowing reports from major media sources leaves us susceptible of falling victim to indoctrination, unwittingly. Here are some amazing books I’ve recently read and why I think they are worth your time!

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

This book is Not just a comedy, it is a well-researched and thorough study of the modern state of dating compared to recent generations, and the new challenges presented by the prevalence of technology. It is narrated by Aziz though, so he manages to still make these psychological concepts entertaining with his witty interpretations of the studies and explanations. I cannot recommend this book more highly, especially coming from someone unfortunately still swimming in the dating pools. The explanations about the unspoken rules of texting, the ego games where you wait to respond, and the other person judges you on how quickly you respond, it’s all a mind-fuck that has heretofore been uncharted territory, because this technology of having phones and texting to sift through potential partners is new. Never before have we been given SO many choices presented to us in such an accessible and clandestine way. We write people off without even having met them by judging a photograph or a text response, knowing there are dozens more where that person came from, just a swipe away. We have lost the human connection of meeting someone and sensing how someone makes us feel, or perhaps noticing charming mannerisms or personality traits that cannot be expressed through droll listings of likes and dislikes. I loved this book! A quick easy and hilarious read, and now I feel more ready to play this stupid fu—rather, ahem, this lovely dance of courtship with some worthy gent who asks with confidence and has a plan.

The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock

This book is a complete thrill ride dive into ancient secrets and fascinating science explaining in unprecedented detail, the nature of reality. This book is like a machine gun with the revelations, giving such exciting information rapid-fire. I honestly had to put the book down at times and look around like, *deep breath* WHOA. Seriously. Wow. It shares suppressed information about inventions that have been presented numerous times that would allow for free energy for everyone. The secret power of pyramids and the quantum science behind exactly why and how they work, studies done on plants that prove their ability to entrain with our thoughts and emotions. If you’re an open-minded, curious truth seeker, this book will have you looking at the whole world differently.

Addicted to War by Joel Andreas

I cannot remember where I first discovered this illustrated graphic novel exposing the United States Government, but it changed my life in the best way. I have peace of mind and understanding thanks to this book. I used to listen to NPR thinking that was an unbiased news source, only to come to understand that absolutely every news source is biased in some way. It’s about looking at the reports from all sources and critically discerning the underlying intentions of each report, which I’ve come to know is to create particular emotional reactions. This book is easy to understand and yet in depth, and the author obviously spent a tremendous amount of time researching. The pictures are hand-drawn but there are some actual photographs of war footage, so this book isn’t what I would call “fun.” I would describe it as important, imperative even, especially for Americans. Once you gain this insight and understanding thanks to this comprehensive distillation of years of research, it will help you gain a clear understanding of the true objectives of our government. You won’t be confused anymore as to why our health care is ludicrously expensive, why our schools can’t afford to pay teachers decent salary and yet we are able to endlessly spend trillions overseas in questionable military operations, terrorizing civilians in the name of freedom.

What are you reading lately that is non-fiction or educational in some way? I tend to read less fiction nowadays, digging into the truth of reality and our conscious existence has overcome all desire to wrap my mind around imaginary interpersonal dramas. Perhaps I’ll make my way back into fiction with a great recommendation! Thanks for reading, hope you find something exciting to read soon.

Tip for Napa County California residents: The Napa Library often has many of the books I see in the new section at Copperfields! If you haven’t been to the Napa Library in awhile, it’s worth a visit to walk out with a stack of new books, music and DVDs for free!