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Episode 12: Deadly Secrets You Probably Don’t Know About Eggs

Made of old skateboards by artist Haroshi

I pretty much HAD to make this episode, from a deep inner compulsion. After spending the past eight years studying vegan nutrition, it became insane to me that pretty much everyone has been programmed through lifelong propaganda from the egg industry, including myself!  I spent the past four days and countless hours just now compiling information gathered over these eight years and finally created this podcast episode, and I’m seriously giddy with satisfaction. I even managed to make it a little bit funny and entertaining even though we get deep into nutrition and statistics.

For me, honestly this episode might be one of my greatest life achievements, and I’m not kidding. Learning about vegan nutrition has been a journey in which I have discovered a deep well of passion and interest, and to be able to create this report and broadcast it to the world is soul satisfying in a way I cannot explain. The fact that I have the opportunity to potentially help even one person learn the truth and live a longer and healthier life, is a privilege that is not lost upon me.

Having loved eggs previously, I totally get Not wanting to accept the fact that they are unhealthy. I would read things about eggs being unhealthy and I was like “WHATEVER, we are all gonna die, why are vegans so uptight about everything, vegans are so annoying, nothing will make me stop eating eggs, I don’t even eat meat so whatever I’m super healthy.” This is literally my previous standpoint. Now I’ve eaten numerous humble pies and I decided to accept the truth and make a change, and the results have been extraordinary in my life. I’ve learned that by eating more plant foods, I feel light, energetic, happy and healthy in a way I hadn’t experienced before making this change. This is why I share this, to hopefully inspire others to feel better and live longer!

I understand that it is inappropriate most of the time socially for me to go into a lengthy dissertation in casual conversation about the multitude of ways eggs are not just unhealthy, but downright poisonous for the human body.  This podcast is my way of sharing this information to those people who have a desire to learn the truth. It feels personally important to me to help raise awareness about the foods that are threatening the lives of the people I care about. If you eat eggs, I urge you to take 30 minutes of your life and listen. I am confident that within this episode you will learn something you did not know. If you DID already know everything in this episode, let me know! I could use more vegans in my life…


I don’t go into the animal rights issues behind eggs at all, because this podcast’s purpose is fitness and wellness. However, there are majorly unethical egg industry practices that I do mention exist, and for further information on that subject I have listed all of the links of resources below.

This is probably my most important episode yet, and I did all of this work because there are a lot of humans I love and I want to keep you guys here for as long as possible, feeling vibrant and loving life! Hope you enjoy! Thank you for listening!

Below I’ve listed the best YouTube videos from each source of info I refer to in the episode. Most of them are short with powerful info!




The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

Diet for a New America by John Robbins

IGF-1 Information

Dr. Michael Greger

Dr. Neal Barnard

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Dr. Dean Ornish: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

What’s Wrong with Eggs? The Truth about The Egg Industry by Erin Janus

Rip Esselstyn